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It’s funnier to eat cookies than read about them…however important to understand what it’s all about.

This cookie section is to inform our website visitors about the technology used on the website, and how visitors can make informed choices about the management of cookies.

What is a cookie?

When you visit our website, we place cookies on your device for various reasons. A cookie is a small text-based file that is downloaded and stored on your mobile, computer, or similar device, and that contains information about your navigation on the website. Cookies can, for example, be used to keep track of which pages you visit on the website, save the information you have provided or remember your settings, such as language settings.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to give you access to all functions of the website, customize your user experience, perform analyzes and improve our services. Cookies are also used to deliver personalized advertisements on our websites, in newsletters on the Internet and via social media platforms, to gain insights about, for example, how many people click on our social media ads to go to a page on our website. This information is used to measure and optimize our social media advertising.

Who is responsible for placing cookies on our website?

Each cookie has a publisher, which shows who it belongs to. Some cookies are placed on the websites by us - these are called "first-party cookies". Other cookies are placed on the websites by some other organization, with our permission. Such cookies are called "third-party cookies".

How long are cookies saved?

Cookies can be saved in your browser or on your device for different lengths of time. Temporary cookies, so-called session cookies, are saved on your device until you close the browser. Permanent cookies have an expiration date, and once this date has passed, the cookie is deleted when you return to the website that created it.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use four categories of cookies: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies and marketing cookies. It is only the last three categories that require the user's consent. Strictly necessary cookies do not require the user's consent because these cookies allow the content of the website to be displayed completely and continuously, so that you can access the website and have a suitable digital experience while browsing online.

How can you approve or withdraw your consent to cookies in the cookie settings?

You can manage your consent to cookies under Cookie settings at the bottom of this website. You can accept all three categories of cookies, or just one of them if you wish. By accepting a certain category of cookies, you consent to all cookies in this category (see the detailed cookie list below). You can change your settings and reject cookies at any time under Cookie settings. Below you will find more detailed information about our cookie categories together with a list of all cookies used in each category.

If you prefer not to use cookies on your device, you can manage your cookie settings by selecting various options in the list of cookie categories under Cookie settings. Please note that your changes and choices may affect the functionality of the website and you may not be able to access personalized offers and advertisements.

In addition to withdrawing your consent, you can easily prevent your browser from receiving cookies by changing your browser's cookie settings. All commercial browsers have functions for managing cookies. Look in your browser to find out how to delete or turn off cookies, etc.

By selecting Allow all cookies, you accept all categories of cookies, and consent to us sharing this information with third parties, such as our advertising partners. In some cases, this may mean that your data is processed outside the EU/EEA. If you select Only necessary cookies, no cookies other than those included in the "strictly necessary" category will be placed on your device. You can disable cookies that are not categorized as strictly necessary for the website to function at any time by withdrawing your consent.

Do you have questions?

If you have questions about the processing of personal data, you can read our privacy statement, where you will also find our contact details.